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  1. Dec 08,  · Immaculate Lyrics: I ain't gon' hold you, bruh / It's Delli on the beat / BasedNas and you know that the flow is immaculate / I told her kneel down, that is no Kaepernick / Niggas be lame, can't go.
  2. Their honesty is immaculate, and their purity of purpose, and their observance of the rites of their religion, are most uniform and remarkable.
  3. IMMACULATE Meaning: "free from mental or moral pollution, pure," from a figurative use of Latin immaculatus "unstained," See definitions of immaculate.
  4. im·mac·u·late (ĭ-măk′yə-lĭt) adj. 1. Impeccably clean; spotless: "The room was as spare and immaculate as a monk's cell" (Caroline Preston). 2. Free from sin. 3. Free from fault or error: an immaculate record on the job. 4. Biology Having no spots or marks. [Middle English immaculat, from Latin immaculātus: in-, not; see in-1 + maculātus.
  5. Aug 07,  · 1. adjective If you describe something as immaculate, you mean that it is extremely clean, tidy, or neat. Her front room was kept geithelisibhandsahabdichejohnrapa.coinfo waiter, dressed in immaculate bow tie and suit.
  6. Jun 12,  · immaculate (comparative more immaculate, superlative most immaculate) Having no stain or blemish; spotless, undefiled, clear, clean, pure. Were but my soul as pure From other guilt as that, Heaven did not hold One more immaculate. — Sir John Denham Thou sheer, immaculate and silver fountain. — Shakespeare, Richard II, V-iii.
  7. Mar 30,  · Immaculate. From Outward Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This article is about the aggressive Immaculates found in the open world. For the Friendly Immaculate, see Friendly Immaculate. Immaculate Enemy Data Class. Scourge: Type. Normal Defensive Stats Health. Author: Outward Wiki.
  8. Immaculate Conception Parish - A Stewardship Parish, Willoughby, Ohio. Mass Times. Saturday- p.m. Sunday- a.m. & a.m. Monday thru Friday- a.m.
  9. immaculate meaning: 1. perfectly clean or tidy: 2. perfect and without any mistakes: 3. perfectly clean or tidy. Learn more.

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